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We are On Cue Stage + Event Services and we are committed to our clients’ best interests throughout their event and beyond. Close working relationships and 24/7 accessibility are how we get the job done. We offer professional support to deliver a clear presentation and maximize the event experience.


We follow our passion before, during, and after work hours. This company is more than a paycheck, it's what gets us up in the morning and drives us to excel more and more each day.

Work + Play

THe key to everything is moderation. Rest and relaxation is just as important as the hours we put into each project. We also keep a ping pong table on hand to keep the creative juices flowing.

Burning the Midnight Oil

Sometimes we put in extra long hours to make sure we stay on top of our game. They say you shouldn't go to bed angry - we believe you should never go to bed anguished.


What we do

On Cue Stage + Event Services offers event production support for live events, event venues, and beyond. We set ourselves apart through the thoughtful integration of traditional audiovisual components and the latest technological innovations.


We provide microphones, mixers, amplifiers, powered speakers, line array systems, two-way radios, monitor mixing, field recording and engineers.


Projects come to life with our use of vibrant colors, unique patterns and custom gobos. We have moving head fixtures, LEDs and professional spotlights.


Our video department specializes in large format displays and projection mapping. We can shoot multi/single-camera setups or just establishing footage.


Stage decks, catwalks, choir stands, mobile stages, mobile kitchens, and VIP Suites®; are just a few of the stage options we offer.


Our rigging solutions reduce setup and dismantle times. We offer flexible creativity in event design, structural safety, compact storage and ease of transport.


Plug in, and play. That’s the genius of our backline solutions. We make it easy for bands to have the instruments they need for the sound they want.


On Cue works to make sure that all permits are submitted and obtained before the project begins to ensure that your schedule stays on track.


We are committed to providing quality and consistent project management and labor focused on the successful execution of your event, meeting, or exhibit.

Camera / IMAG

We have the experience to provide the best image magnification (IMAG) experience for any event. Attendees near or far get the same experience.


When looking to promote your brand and engage a crowd, trust On Cue to combine event technologies into one cohesive and memorable experience.

Digital Displays

On Cue digital signage lets you quickly connect with your attendees and communicate new content and information with branded, customized displays.

Event Printing

No one will attend an event they don’t know about. Our printing services help organizers promote upcoming events or add that little something extra to the setup.

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Executive Branch

Meet our Team

Too many good ideas for making an event spectacular go unheard or unrealized. We believe intellectual capital is critical to providing innovative solutions and, ultimately, having a positive impact. Our people are the core of the company.

Nick - Owner

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Jenn - Tech Director

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Gail - HR + AP/AR

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Debra - Sales

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Nick Taylor


Nicholas studied Sound Design at the College of Santa Fe. He has spent more than 20 years of his life working his way up the corporate ladder in various aspects of hospitality and technical entertainment. He parlayed that experience into the start of On Cue.


Jennifer Hairr

Tech Director

Jenn graduated from The College of Santa Fe with a BFA in Lighting Design. Soon after she began an internship with Cirque du Soleil and has since gone on to become certified in pyrotechnics and cat wrangling. As TD with On Cue, Jenn is repsonsible for making sure that the backend is incredible and invisible.


Gail Martinez


Gail was born and immediately began working every job in every industry ever created. Just kidding, kind of. However, Gail has worked as a live sound engineer, studio engineer (for major labels), human resources director, office manager, accountant, sign maker, and Board Chair.


Debra Bradford

Business Development

If you're a client, you've probably shared some phone time with Debra. As Director of Business Development, we appreciate Debra for doing the hard work and making it easier for our clients to like us. It's not easy to translate tech nerd to English - but if there is anyone who has been up to the task, it's Debra.


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